Auditing Services

Judy E. Moncrief, CPA, LLC will perform audits for your small business in Shreveport, LA.

What is an Audit?

Simply, an audit is a systematic review and examination of your financial statements.

When there are questions or speculation on the accuracy of your financial statements, stock holders, creditors and private investors will often perform audits to check your company’s financial position.

If investors have any doubt of your business’ financial situation, Judy E. Moncrief, CPA, LLC will perform an audit for your business to offer the highest level of assurance to your stock holders of the credibility of your business.

What an audit with Judy E. Moncrief, CPA, LLC will include:

  • Evaluate outstanding receivable balances
  • Settle cash or debt balances
  • Validate owed payable balances
  • Investigate any pending legal actions

After you lose the credibility of your business, it’s almost impossible to get it back. Let’s take care of your financial history before it gets out of hand.

Call Judy E. Moncrief, CPA, LLC to perform an audit on your small business today.